Thursday, May 20, 2010

Math for Hustlers

Did > Will

Have > Want

Simple expressions that are meaningful for those of us in the business of making things happen. Part of being audacious is having grand plans and ideas by the dozen. Very often we get caught up in the dreaming and the doing suffers. Wheels spin but there is no forward motion.

It may be that we are afraid of doing the wrong thing, so we err on the side of caution and do nothing. Perhaps we need additional resources (money, information, people, equipment) in order to execute exactly as we’ve imagined. Sometimes pride keeps us from asking for help to progress to the next level.

Do what you think is the right thing. DO IT. Stop thinking about what might happen if you do or don’t and just take action. Even if you do the wrong thing, some action will be taken. I am confident that another action will follow. And from that series, maybe a process will develop. Refine that process and make it your plan. All those steps, right or wrong, will move you from the place where you currently sit - thinking about what you will do.

Doing things will help you have things rather than want them. Would you rather want a successful business or have a successful business?

Make sure you’re on the hustling side of the expression.

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Andy G said...

Awesome!!! As a mathematics curriculum designer, I've been looking for some good math like this. Thank you.