Monday, October 17, 2011

The “I’m Me” Theory

“Boy, I've got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bi-focals.” ― Butch Cassidy

All my life I’ve seen things differently. Where others see adversity I see opportunity. Where others see problems I see profit. And while this has led me to many successes, it has also led to many problems. Historically, when these “opportunities” arise and I share my ideas with those around me inevitable I am met with the same questions. “Hasn’t that already been tried?” “If that idea is so great why hasn’t anyone else thought of it?” and my favorite “If all of those other people have tried to do that and failed what makes you different?” Sometimes I answer these questions with a reply reminiscent of Condoleeza Rice’s testimony before congress. The reason being, that people don’t like it when I answer with the 3 word response that I prefer. “Because I’m Me.”

I realize how arrogant that sounds however, that is not my intention at all. I believe I am simply stating the facts. And if anyone questions your goals I would suggest that you do the same. Just because they don’t see what you see does not mean it’s not there. It means that they don’t have your eyes. Don’t let anyone project their fear of failure onto you. The reason you can do what you do is because you’re you.

If you are a better business person than most, claim it. And when people ask you why you started a business in “this economy”, you tell them “Because I can.” Everyone is capable of building castles in the sky, but only a few can build the foundations to support them.

Hustle Harder,



Generous One said...

I agree whole-heartedly! I may not say cause 'I'm Me' although I will start to use the affirmation:) I do say that I am the Exception to the Rule. I believe that you're on it when you say that people don't see what you see...I believe that vision is something that one has to either be born with or grow into with proper cultivation and guidance. Thank you for the wonderful blog and I'm looking forward to many more. Love & Lotus.

tj sunn said...

I agree with you. Why you ask? Because i'm me that's why.