Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Motivation anyone?

Part of the attraction of being a hustler is the self-determination aspect. You make your own schedule, determine your own priorities, choose your clients & co-workers, take power naps, eat cereal for lunch and pizza for breakfast – what could be better?!

As you go from meeting to meeting to meeting, on phone calls in between tweets there is an air of excitement, generated by the sheer energy that you radiate as you move ever more quickly toward success. As you check tasks off your to do list and set new goals to replace those accomplished it’s easy to get caught up in the rush and neglect the fundamentals. Let’s face it, there’s not too much fun involved. Nobody admires your brilliance for buying office supplies or paying taxes nor posts on Facebook about negotiating a good price with a vendor. Those things, and many others, have to be done in order to continue with the happiness of hustling though.

So how to stay motivated to complete the mundane? A few tips that help me:

  1. Just like yawning, motivation is contagious. So spend some time with motivated/motivating people. It’s great to do so in real time but a virtual crew can be helpful too. Twitter is great for this as you can get to it on your phone, carry motivation in your pocket/purse. A few motivators that I follow: @Brotherjesse, @MrCrawford, @crayyy3, @sweetlocs
  1. If you know you’re a morning person, schedule your most mundane/least inspiring work for morning so you’ll have the maximum amount of energy to devote to the tasks. Reverse if you’re a night owl.
  1. Move around; sitting in one place breeds stagnation. Think about it - water that constantly flows is life giving. Stagnant water can kill you.
  1. Work on your resume; consider interviewing for a job that you know you don’t want…and getting it! Now imagine having to be there every day, going to meetings, dealing with co-workers you didn’t choose…If that doesn’t motivate a hustler then I don’t know what will!
Keep hustling!

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Execumama said...

Good post! It's important to have a strategy for self-motivation! Thanks for sharing.