Saturday, January 2, 2010

The World's Most Profitable Investment

I got this in my Dave Lavinsky email newsletter the other day, thought I should share.

What would you do if I handed you an investment opportunity
for 2010 that was guaranteed to have a massive return?

Would you jump on it?

How about if I gave you proof that this investment
opportunity yielded significant returns last year, and the
year before that, and the year before that.....

Are you interested now?

Have you guessed what this investment opportunity is yet?

No, it's not gold, or stocks, or real estate.

So what is this investment?

It is investing in you.

More specifically, it is investing in improving your
skills, so that your brain becomes a bigger and bigger
asset. An asset that can generate more and more revenues and
profits well into the future.

I want you to think for a second. What one skill set, if
you became great at it, would revolutionize your success? If
you were amazing at closing sales, would it help? If you
became a phenomenal communicator? Or if you gained
world-class internet marketing skills? Would these skills
allow you to realize more success?

Every one of us can become much more successful if we
improve our skills.

But for most, we don't do anything about it. Did you know
that the average American spends $7.58 per day on fast food
and coffee? Imagine that money was spent by those
individuals to improve their skills.

Actually, there are those among us who constantly invest in
improving their skills. And they're very easy to spot. They
are the ones who have started, run and/or manage the fastest
growing and best run companies.

Yes, successful people realize that the best investment
they can make is the investment in themselves. It's the one
investment that gives back year after year after year.

Don't have time to take a class or read a book? Well, then
you can burn CDs to listen to in your car or on your MP3

Did you know that in 2009 I listened to over 100 expert
interviews, business book summaries and tutorials, just
while driving to and from work?

How much more valuable have I become. How much more revenue
will this learning equate to in 2010? Only time will tell,
but I can guarantee you that I will reap a tremendous ROI on
this education.

I hope that 2010 will be your year to really improve your
skills and maximize your success. It is a sacrifice. But a
sacrifice well worth taking.

To Your Success!

Dave Lavinsky
Growthink University
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